Our story


The discovery

It all started on a surfing trip to Nicaragua. I was learning to surf and I was searching for peace amongst the loud noises of tourism. I eventually found myself in a little town called Gigante, a beautiful and authentic place sitting on the pacific coast. On my way back from a session, I stopped at a cafe called Party Wave, it was there that I tried my first glass of kombucha. Contrary to popular belief, I was really surprised by how delicious it tasted. Robert, the owner of the cafe was the man behind this tasty exotic brew. We became friends over glasses of the effervescent drink. He shared all his knowledge about fermentation and taught me the benefits of kombucha and the fun that goes into making it.  

The creation

Upon returning to Montreal, I was happy to see that kombucha was available except it was nothing like the kombucha I first tasted on the beach. Unhappy with what I found on the shelves, I reached out to Robert to start our own brand. I wanted to share my first experience with others who have never tried the fermented drink. We founded Gutsy based on our shared love for the drink in 2017. We wanted to brew something healthier and add our twist to the drink, that's when I thought we should incorporate the power of plants and herbs. I have always had a fascination with plants and their traditional uses across different cultures. Each plant is unique, in terms of nutrients, antioxidants and the way it adapts to its environment. I wanted to incorporate my admiration for plants into kombucha. This is when I asked Melanie to join us, an experienced naturopath that’s been practising since 2006. Her rich palette and her understanding of the effects of plants, made her a perfect addition to the team and would help us create the first kombucha powered by plants.

Our beginning on tap 

Since we started, our goal has always been to minimise our ecological footprint. As recycling in Quebec was deficient, we decided to initially exclusively offer our kombucha on tap and install filling stations in stores. We built some great relationships on the way and we want to thank our retailers for believing in our crazy idea of putting taps in their zero-waste stores. They’ve helped us throughout this process and we’re thankful. Now we’re proud to say we’re the largest on tap kombucha producer in Quebec and that over 90% of our kombucha on tap is now consumed in refilled bottles. We couldn't have done it without you! 

Now available in cans

During our initial years, we often received a demand for a smaller and on-the-go format. Searching for the best fit for what we believe in, we decided that cans was the best format for the product and the environment. Simply put, it provides a more stable environment for our kombucha and is more likely recycled and more recyclable compared to glass bottles. Helping us proving the same great taste that our client have been used to on tap.  

Thank you for your support #GutsyFam


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