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Gutsy On Tap

Find our kombucha on tap and help reduce waste. 92% of our kombucha on tap is filled in reusable bottles. Join the change.

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Gutsy in cans

At Gutsy, we believe that living a healthy lifestyle is the key to happiness. Bring your best friend on the go. Don’t forget to recycle!

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Powered by plants

Plants are powerful. So alive and full of energy. They have been used by many cultures for their virtues. Each plant has its own natural characteristics that make it unique. Mélanie Marois, our co-founder, has been practicing as a naturopath since 2006. She has been carefully selecting and complementing our flavors with powerful herbs, since the creation of Gutsy.


Used traditionally in Chinese and Native cultures, skullcap is reputable among naturopaths for reducing stress levels and its calming effects.


This adaptogenic root has been used in Russian, Scandinavian and Chinese cultures. Rhodiola has a reputation for giving an energy boosting spark and its ability to help cope with cold temperatures.


Also known as Huang Qi, the adaptogenic plant is known for its immune system boosting and its reenergizing properties.


Nicknamed poor man’s ginseng aka Dang Shen. In Chinese culture it is renowned for its vibrant energy boosting properties and for tonifying our Qi (aka energy).

Raspberry bush

This plant’s use dates back to the Greek Olympian Gods. In recent times Native and Chinese cultures allegedly use it for both digestion and soothing pain for that time of the month.


Fennel is used in many cultures for it’s plentiful flavour. In South Asian culture, fennel seeds are chewed after meals to ease digestion and to freshen breath. 

1% for the planet

Gutsy loves nature and preserving it. That’s why we are giving 1% of our sales in cans to organizations that have a positive impact on the environment. If you have projects or organizations you would like us to support, please send us your ideas to commandites@gutsykombucha.com !

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