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Our Story




Our Beginnings

It's on a surfing trip that Pierrich discovered kombucha. While in Nicaragua, he met Robert who was brewing exotic blends of kombucha in his little cafe by the beach. Based on their love for the drink, they became friends, and Robert started to teach Pierrich how to brew his own kombucha. After coming back to Montreal, he was happy to discover that kombucha was selling commercially, but after tasting it he was disappointed. It was too sugary and it tasted like more iced tea. He called Robert and asked him if he wanted to help start the company. That’s when Pierrich asked Melanie, a naturopath and herbalist to join the team and provide her expertise to create the first kombucha powered by plants.

Our Love for the Planet

From day 1, we understood that we have one earth and we want to cherish it. Our goal has always been to reduce our ecological imprint. 

We started with refilling stations where people could purchase kombucha in bulk and reuse their bottles. Customers started demanding a product on the go.To fit the demand we tested out many alternatives. We were looking to find out which option was the best fit to match what we believe. We chose cans because it’s better for the product and for the environment.


Powered by Plants

Co-founder Melanie Marois is a naturopath that helps with plant selection for each of unique flavors.Plants have been used by many cultures for their virtues and are a great source of energy. Each plant has its own natural characteristics that make it unique.This is why each flavor , to highlight these characteristics and traditional uses.


"Since the beginning, I wanted to create a product that was healthy, delicious and yet have a positive impact on the planet. We take our values very seriously

We would never compromise the environment or the taste for profits."


                                                                 - Pierrich, founder