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The "Chill out" changes its recipe for a fruity twist !

The "Chill out" changes its recipe for a fruity twist !

This year Gutsy celebrates its 5th anniversary, we promised you that this year would be full of surprises! The “Chill out”, has a new look after 5 years of adventures, it decides that it was now mature enough to add to a twits of citrus to it’s flavor. Read to the end of the article to find out which fruit it has decided to pair with…

Verbena, a a soothing flower

For this 2.0 flavor we have chosen to keep verbena because we are convinced of all its benefits.
First of all verbena is known for and it can also act on our central nervous system. This flower can bring down pressure when the mind is confused by all the stressful thoughts. The verbena is a plant which acts naturally and in a soft way on the body.. It would allow us to fight against the stress and the nervous fatigue thanks to its relaxing properties. 

A citrus for the new recipe

Now that your mind is rested, would you be able to guess what citrus is the new partner of the “Chill out 2.0” ?

For this fifth year of Gutsy, the “Chill out 2.0” ally verbena and scutellaire with grapefruit. This new fruity touch gives a new tangy taste and allows the "Chill Out" to have a second youth. You just have to taste it, and you’ll get relaxed all day long.

Keep following us, more surprises are coming soon...