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Plant-Powered, Low-Sugar Kombucha

The best-tasting superfood

Upgrade Your Health with Kombucha

Haven't tried it yet? Kombucha is a great-tasting, fizzy drink made with tea and fermented (like yogurt) to pack it with nutrients.

Low calories, low sugar

Less than 50 calories. 70% less sugar than a soda.

Full of probiotics & antioxidants

Good digestion is a key part of your overall health.

Tastes addictively great

Replace soda, beer & wine with a guilt-free sparkling alternative.

Why Gutsy Kombucha?

  • The best taste with lower amounts of sugar
  • Carefully selected plants like rhodiola & skullcap with extra health properties.
  • Brewed in Quebec. Locally-owned, community-powered.

Our Flavours

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2+ cases: free shipping

3+ cases: extra 10% off

4+ cases: extra 15% off

Can't decide where to start?

Get 2 cans of each to decide which is your favorite.

Join thousands of Canadians improving their health with Gutsy.

"Great taste and not sugary compared to other kombuchas"

- Florence G.

"One of the best Kombucha I have tasted... ever! Even my son who doesn’t like kombucha liked this one"

- Christine K.

Find out why kombucha is becoming Canada's favorite superfood.

Get free shipping on orders of 2 cases or more.

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