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Plant-Powered, Low-Sugar Kombucha

The best-tasting superfood

Upgrade Your Health with Kombucha

Haven't tried it yet? Kombucha is a great-tasting, fizzy drink made with tea. It's fermented (like yogurt) and full of nutrients.

Low in calories and in sugar

Less than 50 calories and 70% less sugar than a soda.

Full of probiotics & antioxidants

A good digestion is a key part of your overall health.

Taste addictively great

Replace soda, beer & wine with a guilt-free sparkling alternative.

Why Gutsy Kombucha?

  • The best taste with lower amounts of sugar
  • Powered by plants like rhodiola, skullcap, codonopsis, astragalus, raspberry bush and fennel with extra health properties.
  • Brewed in Quebec by a locally-owned family business.






The Vitality:
Raspberry-Mint & Astragalus
(8 cans)


The Flamboyant:
Passion Fruit & Codonopsis
(8 cans)


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Can't decide where to start?

Try our six flavors in the Discovery Pack without doing any compromise!

Join thousands of Canadians improving their health with Gutsy.

"Great taste and not sugary compared to other kombuchas"

- Florence G.

"One of the best Kombucha I have tasted... ever! Even my son who doesn’t like kombucha liked this one"

- Christine K.

Find out why kombucha is becoming Canada's favorite superfood.

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