Canadian Kombucha Powered by plants

Gutsy Kombucha

Canadian kombucha 100% organic and powered by plants

Take care of your health with Gutsy kombucha!

Haven't tested it yet? Kombucha is a sparkling and tasty drink made from tea. It's fermented (like yogurt) and full of nutrients.

Low in calories & sugar

Less than 50 calories and 70% less sugar than a traditional soda.

Full of probiotics & antioxidants

The digestion and the intestinal flora are crucial elements for a good daily health.

Incomparable taste

Replace soda, beer or a glass of wine with a delicious and healthy fizzy drink.

Why Gutsy?

  • The best taste and very low in sugar.
  • Made with plants such as rhodiola, skullcap, codonopsis, astragalus, fennel and raspberry bush with extraordinary properties.
  • Brewed in Quebec by a small family business.

| Our six unique flavors |

Pick-Me-Up: Ginger & Raspberry bush
(8 cans)


Hibiscus & Fennel
(8 cans)


Energy Boost:
Cardamom & Rhodiola
(8 cans)


Lemon Verbena & Skullcap
(8 cans)


Raspberry-Mint & Astragalus
(8 cans)


Passion Fruit & Codonopsis
(8 cans)


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Incapable of choosing?

Try our six flavors without doing any compromise with our Discovery Pack!

Join thousands of Canadians who take care of their health with Gutsy

" I am addicted. I ordered two more cases since my first order, and I am getting ready to order 2 more! That new flavor is AMAZING. "

- Amanda E

" Where has this been my whole life?I love these, they’ve gone quite fast that’s how good they are. The flavours are original and refreshing. An absolute must try! "

- Helen L


Discover why kombucha is becoming the favorite healthy drink of Canadians.

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