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Discover adaptogens, these little marvels that increase the human being's capacity to adapt

Discover adaptogens, these little marvels that increase the human being's capacity to adapt

Mushrooms and adaptogenic plants benefit your body according to its needs. They are known to help the body adapt to daily stress and maintain balance. These plants can improve cognitive functions, strengthen and invigorate the immune system, regulate your mood and provide long-lasting energy. Drink ADAPT² to feel the benefits of adaptogens

The 3 criteria for adaptogens

  • First, they’re safe and can be consumed daily and long term, without any side effects or risk of dependency. 
  • Second, they increase your body's resistance to various kinds of stress, whether physical, chemical or biological in a non-specific way. 
  • Third, adaptogens have a normalizing effect that restores or maintains the body’s inner balance.

The many benefits of adaptogens

The magic of these plants is that they transmit to us their ability to adapt to the different stresses in our lives. That is, the stressors will always be present, but our way of reacting to them will be harmonious.

Adapt to stress 

Firstly, adaptogenic plants are said to help you better adapt to stress and foster the body's overall resistance to a stressful situation. They are also known for mood regulation. They are thought to contribute to inner peace and emotional management to help us stay in control. 

Sustainable energy 

Secondly, they are said to help keep the body awake. These plants subtly release their power to bring the body just the right amount of energy, preventing a cycle of  energy spikes and crashes, in favour of a sustainable effect that balances both body and mind.

Improve your cognitives functions 

Thirdly they reportedly boost intellectual ability. Our mind can sometimes wander, causing us to lose focus, but plants are there to help us stay on track.

Strengthen the immune system 

Lastly, they can serve as inner armor by supporting our immune system. Some plants, roots or flowers are believed to have antioxidant properties, which help protect cells.  

Adaptogenic plants are there to support the body in striking an internal balance. 

ADAPT²: the first drink made from fermented adaptogens on the market. 

ADAPT² is a beverage made from the prolonged fermentation of adaptogenic plants. Fermentation optimizes plant phytonutrient bioavailability and microorganism biodiversity, which allows the body to absorb them more easily. ADAPT² comes in two flavours: Passion Fruit & Hibiscus and Orange & Turmeric. It's brewed with 3 fermented adaptogens: ashwagandha, holy basil and maca.

Our fermented adaptogens :


Firstly ashwagandha is known to have an effect on physical and emotional stress. It contributes to the body’s optimal relaxation and promotes a state of well-being. Its role is to reduce stress and negative emotions that can disturb the mind, like anxiety. It’s said to help regulate agitation to provide calm and relief from sleep disorders.. It could also be beneficial for cognitive functioning, especially memory. In addition, some scientists have highlighted its effectiveness in providing the body with energy and is used by athletes to improve performance. Lastly, it is recognized as beneficial for the immune system.   


Holy basil is believed to have stress-relieving effects. It’s a calming herb that can reduce anxiety and stress and regulates your mood. It reportedly even has antidepressant properties. It’s known for boosting the immune system thanks to its antiviral and antibacterial properties. Lastly, holy basil supports  memory and  learning, stimulating the the brain’s stress-relieving agents, and improving  cerebral activity.


Maca is an energizing plant that, in addition to supplying it with energy, revitalizes the body by boosting its physical resistance. Maca is said to stimulate intellectual activity and improve learning abilities. Studies have shown that maca helps improve cognitive functioning and motor coordination, which may help slow age-related cognitive decline.